ABCD Technology

Founded in 2006, ABCD Technology Sarl is a Swiss spin-off from EPFL (Swiss federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne). It provides to its customers unique equipment to deposit top quality and disruptive oxide thin films. Highly agile and powerful, “Sybilla” equipment combines the possibility to deposit multi-element and multi-functional thin films with either unprecedent homogeneity on large substrates or disruptive 3D-architectures by combining the use of combinatorial and 3D-printing additive facilities, enabling improved performances or totally new devices. In other words, we foster your future devices with unmatched material properties towards new functionalities, miniaturization and integration capacities in the “More than Moore” vision.

To correctly address this complexity, the strategy of ABCD Technology has been to grow a strong network of partners to pursue parallel development of complementary specific expertise and know how. These competencies and expertise are distributed in several inter-connected, but independent companies, each one strongly focused on its core competences and business strategy.

This strong network of highly specialized interacting skills and competencies means ABCD’s disruptive solution represents a tremendous opportunity for the most demanding thin film developers.


We develop unique equipment with a non-incremental approach in oxide thin films growth to optimize our equipement features and develop new levels of agility for fast & efficient thin films growth

Leadership and Quality

To build a better world, we believe incremental innovation is just not enough

Collaboration & Innovation

Open innovation with bright and committed people to go further together. In everything we do, we challenge established ideas

Passion, Integrity & Reliability

Committed in heart & mind each single day towards the best solutions

Giacomo Benvenuti - ABCD Technology - R&D

ABCD Technology  [He]  Sarl is a spin-off from EPFL based in Geneva (Switzerland), incorporated in 2006 by Dr Giacomo Benvenuti. It produces unique thin film vacuum deposition equipment (SYBILLA Series) to achieve complex, multielement 3D patterned thin films in a single step. We provide tools to develop disruptive materials.

Founded in 2006, ABCD Technology Sarl is a Swiss Spin-off from EPFL providing disruptive equipment for deposition of complex 3D-shaped multi-element thin films. With our 3D-printing additive method to achieve multifunctional high quality thin films, we are enabling solutions in the “More than Moore” vision.

We provide our customers with tools to develop disruptive materials and foster their future devices with unmatched properties towards new functionalities, miniaturization and integration.