Equipment Description

Since 2006, ABCD Technology provides laboratories with unique equipment with non incremental approches in oxide thin films growth with Chemical Beam Vapour Deposition technology.

Chemical Beam Vapour Deposition (CBVD) and Chemical Beam Epitaxy (CBE) are gas phase deposition techniques, operated under high vacuum conditions (10-6 mbar), in which evaporated chemical precursors are thermally decomposed on heated substrates to form a film, or alternatively, decomposed by electrons, ions or light beams.

In our Sybilla CBVD equipment, different molecular beams of precursors effuse independently from a plurality of punctual sources with line of sight trajectories from the source to the substrate. Liquid nitrogen cooled cryo-panels walls surround the whole hot walls deposition chamber so that molecules not reaching directly the substrate from the source are trapped.

Consequently, the precursor molecules impinging rates on the substrate at any point can easily be modelled, according to simple geometric calculations. This allows to achieve perfect control over thin films shapes and stoichiometries in the mass transport growth regime.

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